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What If It Rains During My Roof Installation?

Posted by Arthur Wells

Jan 24, 2013 3:52:00 AM

Uh-oh! The forecast says that it is going to rain on the very day you are supposed to have your new roof installed. What are you supposed to do?
You have taken all of the appropriate precautions to prepare your home for your new roof installation. The pictures, figurines, and loose shelving have been removed from the inside of your home, and you have removed the furniture from around your home. However, there is one problem that you cannot control. The forecast is predicting rain for tomorrow, the same day that the roofing contractor is supposed to arrive to install your new roof. Now, what happens?

A professional and experienced roofing firm is going to carefully monitor the weather in and around the days during which your installation will be taking place. While your roofer will attempt to schedule your new installation on favorable days, it will not always be possible. As you well know, the weather can often be unpredictable.

In some instances, your roofer may be able to install your roof in as little as one day, but the average installation will take several days. Most professional roofers will only remove the portions of the roof that they can safely and effectively replace in one day. In the event of inclement weather, your roofing contractor will most definitely carry tarps with them for emergency situations.

Should your roof installation have to be delayed due to poor weather, be patient. It is not the fault of your contractor, and while the delays can certainly be frustrating, a contractor who attempts to install a new roof in the rain is going to be compromising the overall integrity of the installation. Be wary of a roofing contractor who promises to install a new roof regardless of the weather. Newly installed roofing materials need to be 100% dry in order to seal properly.

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